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What you need to know about the IBOR transition

What is IBOR transition and how is AXA IM approaching it? What is IBOR transition and how is AXA IM approaching it? What is IBOR transition and how is AXA IM approaching it? What is IBOR transition ...


Macrocast podcast #6 - The Limits of the Banking Channel

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Online Round Table COVID-19 #2

What can investors learn from China’s first-mover economic recovery and could this tip the geopolitical scales against the U.S.?

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Online Round Table Covid-19

Gilles Moec, Chris Iggo en Jonathan Baltora delen hun laatste inzichten over de macro-economische implicaties, de financiële markten en de impact op portfoliomanagement.

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COVID-19 : Understanding the impact on investments

Given the impact the coronavirus has had on markets so far, the short-term outlook remains very uncertain, particularly around when the virus infection rate will peak.

Research & Investment Strategy

Coronavirus – tracking the path, anticipating the impact

Just over a month since the new coronavirus – known as 2019-nCoV – was officially recognised there is only so much we can say about its likely impact. However, we can examine some plaus ...

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Coronavirus: First thoughts on the potential economic impact on China

Since the first case was reported to the World Health Organisation (WHO) on 31 December, the 2019-nCoV virus has spread at an exponential rate.

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UK faces Brexit-fuelled General Election – what happens next?

The General Election on 12 December will set the course for the UK’s exit – or not – from the European Union and the next phase of Brexit.

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US GDP beats expectations, Fed cuts rates and UK Parliament agrees to December election

Last week was a big one for the US. Third quarter (Q3) GDP came in at 1.9%, modestly above our own 1.8% forecast and firmer than the consensus expectation of 1.6%.