The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive ("MIFID") came into force across the European Economic Area from 1 November 2007.

The purpose of this web page is to inform you of our order execution arrangements and detail the executing venues used by AXA IM entities in the management of your account(s).  In addition you will find a summary of our Conflicts of Interest Policy.

MiFID is European Union legislation which must be implemented in all member states and is the driver behind the largest change to the regulation of the investment industry in the last 20 years.  Its main objective is to enhance the development of a pan-European market for investment services through the establishment of a single set of European regulations.

Order Execution

We believe that the regulatory obligations introduced under MiFID regarding ‘best execution' reflect our existing market practices.  However, we are required to inform you of our order execution arrangements.

> Order Execution Policy PDF

Conflicts of Interest

Under the new MiFID regime, we are required to provide you with a summary of our Conflicts of Interest policy. You may access the summary policy by clicking on the link below. Should you wish further detail on this then please contact us.

Should you have any questions in relation to this webpage or on any other areas of MiFID, please feel free to contact us.

> Policy for managing Confl icts of Interest  PDF