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Active fundamental foundation

We believe that an active approach grounded in rigorous fundamental research can consistently add value to our client's portfolios. At AXA IM, we provide two unique fundamental approaches to equity investing.


Framlington Equities

At Framlington Equities our portfolio managers apply in-depth company research and analysis to identify the drivers of long-term equity investment success for our clients. We offer a full range of high conviction products across Global equity, Global Emerging equity, Global Thematic equity, European equity, UK equity and single Country equity strategies aimed at delivering consistent returns through fundamental, bottom-up stock selection.

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Rosenberg Equities

Rosenberg Equities uses a systematic fundamental approach based on rigorous research analysis – this allows us to make decisions for our clients that are objective and rational, seeking to achieve consistent, superior results. We manage global equity, US Equity, European Equity, Asia Equity, Japan Equity and Emerging Markets strategies for public and private pension funds, foundations, and other institutional investors in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Japan.

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