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A key expertise of AXA Investment Managers

As a natural consequence of our insurance background, we fully understand the challenges of institutions trying to meet and outperform their long term liabilities whilst having to take into account regulatory and accounting constraints.

Our strategic advisory services seek to provide relevant analysis to help our clients take strategic decisions within their regulatory framework while also taking into account their specific capital requirements/balance sheet. We provide asset allocation, LDI and risk mitigation techniques allowing our clients to adjust their risk exposures according to solvency, market outlook and volatility.


Advantages of a Fiduciary Management Approach:

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Continuous risk management and monitoring

Fiduciary management provides an integrated view of your fund and allows for active steering of your risk budget based on solvency.


Enhanced governance

Fiduciary management lets you focus on the strategic issues facing your fund.

Improved decision making and dynamic allocation

Fiduciary management can help you improve your investment mix, reactivity and ultimately returns for your fund.                                                 


Increased access to resources and investment expertise

Fiduciary management provides access to dedicated experts mix and investment expertises.

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