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A token price

Part of the crypto finance infrastructure went public this week by issuing traditional equity on a traditional exchange to raise traditional dollars.

Investor thinking

AXA IM: Draai naar bedrijfsobligaties zet pensioenfondsen in het zonnetje

Met de naderende stelselherziening krijgen Nederlandse pensioenfondsen meer vrijheid. Waarschijnlijk zullen ze daarom miljarden euro’s van staatsobligaties met rendementen van nabij of onder de nul o ...

Research & Investment Strategy

Bank of Japan: Assessing the outcome of its strategic review

The Bank of Japan kept the status quo at its March monetary policy meeting but the market’s attention was on its policy review

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Spring unleashed

The vaccination roll-out appears to be providing some breathing space for markets and society as a whole in countries that have been able to achieve a fairly high level of coverage.

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China: Decarbonizing the economy

Gauging the economic impact of China’s transition to ‘net zero’

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Global Imbalances Redux ?

We don’t think Europe can easily emulate the US and engage in a massive fiscal stimulus. More emerging countries are hitting the limits of their policy space.

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March Global Macro Monthly - The great rate debate

Growth rebounds remain virus and vaccine dependent. The outlook is solid in US and good in the UK

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March Op-Ed - Who can resist market contagion?

US long-term yields should continue to rise in the near-term as inflation is likely to rise, a least transitorily.

Responsible investment

Putting ESG to work: A case study in the telecoms sector

The global policy and regulatory environment is changing fast, pushing companies towards more sustainable practices and encouraging investors to change too.