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Garland Day

Sentiment in markets has been positively impacted by signs of increased activity where lock-downs are starting to be lifted. This could continue as more restrictions are eased and consumers emerge fr ...

Rosenberg equities

Global Factor Views

Despite Covid-19 lockdowns being eased in many countries, the crisis continues to hinder global economic activity. Authorities across the world have mounted a significant response using a combination ...

Fixed income

High yield: Opportunities on the rise as the fallen angels descend

The hit has been hard, but the sector might have the flexibility (and monetary policy support) to have a decent crisis

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Something for every view

The future is always unpredictable but when the recent past has been so strange the outlook is even more clouded. That makes investment decision making hard and trying to assess whether markets are a ...

Investor thinking

Short Masterclass Liquidity & Cashflow Matching

Pensioenfondsen zullen een nieuwe visie moeten ontwikkelen op hun rol en doelstellingen. En daarin valt er zeker wat te leren van de Britten. Laat je in deze short masterclass inspireren door Hannek ...

Research & Investment Strategy

May investment strategy - Economies begin to emerge

The speed of the post lockdown recovery will be partly dependent on how the “saving overhang” is spent.

Research & Investment Strategy

Emerging markets under COVID-19

Developing nations face multiple shocks with uneven ammunition

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Four strands of a medium term view

Recovery momentum in markets has faded in the last couple of weeks.

Investor thinking

'Onder Economen' - een virtuele lunch

Wat brengt de toekomst? Een debat over de toekomst van centrale banken en impact op de markten