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Iggo's insight

03 April 2020

A view from the markets – Cash-flow

This is a locked-down musing on the impact that disrupted cash-flows have on different asset classes. While government revenue is undercut by the recession, government can still fund itself and repay ...

Macro insights

02 April 2020

Online Round Table COVID-19 #2

this tip the geopolitical scales against the U.S.? What can investors learn from China’s first-mover economic recovery and could this tip the geopolitical What can investors learn from China’s first ...

Research & Investment Strategy

01 April 2020

The return of the Quantitative Easing trade

Inflation linked bonds have performed well during the years of quantitative easing.

Macro insights

26 March 2020

Online Round Table Covid-19

Gilles Moec, Chris Iggo en Jonathan Baltora delen hun laatste inzichten over de macro-economische implicaties, de financiële markten en de impact op portfoliomanagement.

Iggo's insight

27 March 2020

Denial, panic, hope.

We are passing through stages of a global social and economic disaster. The denial of February quickly became the panic of March. Now markets are responding to the massive policy response.

Research & Investment Strategy

26 March 2020

March Investment Strategy - Preparing the recovery

The extension of the covid-19 pandemic is forcing a growing number of countries into “lockdowns”, which will have a very significant impact on economic activity since the worst-hit sectors (restauran ...

MAI views

24 March 2020

Multi-Asset Investments views – April 2020 – COVID 19 crisis: we have reduced our exposure to risky assets as short-term risk are high

Reduction of equity positioning in the short term - Virus related slow-down in Q2 and Q3 of 2020 is pushing the global economy into recession. Earnings should fall heavily

Iggo's insight

20 March 2020

Dark Days

As we all isolate and get used to home video conferences and virtual lunches, there is much to reflect on.

Research & Investment Strategy

18 March 2020

UK reaction : Chancellor announces next steps in "whatever it takes" strategy

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak held a joint press conference where a further package of economic support was announced for the economy.