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Research & Investment Strategy

May investment strategy - Economies begin to emerge

The speed of the post lockdown recovery will be partly dependent on how the “saving overhang” is spent.

Research & Investment Strategy

Emerging markets under COVID-19

Developing nations face multiple shocks with uneven ammunition

Research & Investment Strategy

Asia supply chains: a potential shock to growth

Small, open economies such as Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia are the most exposed to final demand from the US, Europe and China. This makes them the most vulnerable to the coronavirus growth interru ...

Research & Investment Strategy

COVID-19 Update: Labour market deterioration to dampen rebound

Different labour market policies result in different recovery shapes.

Research & Investment Strategy

COVID-19, economic stimulus and monetary policy... How is Japan responding to the crisis?

Until recently, in relative terms at least, Japan has not been as heavily impacted by the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fixed income

How short duration bond strategies could help navigate coronavirus volatility

Central banks and governments around the world have put in place unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus for countries hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Research & Investment Strategy

April Investment Strategy - Slowly out of limbo

The first goal of the lockdown was to re-create some capacity in the healthcare system so that a potential relapse in the pandemic would be more manageable.

Research & Investment Strategy

Bear market playbook

The rapid spread of coronavirus across the world has created a sharp drop in demand in the global economy, pushing stocks into a bear market after one of the longest bull markets in recent financial ...

Research & Investment Strategy

COVID-19 Update: The drop in activity, the shape of recovery

As the total number of coronavirus cases approaches 1.5mn and lockdowns extend across many countries, we present our updated thoughts on the virus’s impact on economies worldwide.