Can politics and central banks derail the ongoing recovery?

Slow recovery continues among rising risks.

Outlook 2017 - Rates are back

We examine the fundamentals behind the present backdrop of low interest rates and challenge the dominant idea that this is the fate of our future as investors.

Could politics mess it all up?

Politics take the front seat : en route for a bumpy Q4.

China 2016 outlook - Three Rs: Rebalancing, Risk and Reform

The dreadful opening week of the Chinese markets for 2016 has reignited concerns about the world's second largest economy.

Expert Meeting - Een nieuwe visie op de Matching Portefeuille

Waar wij vorig jaar al pleitten voor het opnemen van inflatiegerelateerde obligaties in de matching portefeuillle, willen wij nu de toegevoegde waarde van het uitbreiden van de matching...

Fixed Income Lunch

China staat als thema al enige tijd bij ons op de agenda, maar uiteraard nemen wij ook graag andere regio’s in ogenschouw. Onze CIO Fixed Income Chris Iggo zal tijdens de lunch ingaan op de...

Caution required ahead of UK referendum

Changes to our asset allocation: We confirm our overall prudent strategy with an underweight in equities and our positive view on credit despite tighter spreads. The near-term outlook for Japanese...

Equity market monthly: Another leg up for the reflation trade

Europe and Japan lead the way in September, as earnings growth continues to boost returns

Credit market monthly review: May 2017

Credit remains strong and stable through the political noise.

Credit market monthly review March 2017

We remain constructive on both USD credit and the credit markets more broadly. While we are now more comfortable with USD Investment Grade than we were at the start of the year, we still prefer USD...

Annual Stewardship 2015

The continuing importance of good corporate governance and the need for investors to act as active stewards.

Macro Insight - Political uncertainty lingers as central banks take centre stage

The Research & Investment Strategy (R&IS) team present their views on recent developments and the factors shaping markets over the week ahead.

China bond market primer

Equipped with this Primer, institutional investors will have a clear and balanced vision of what China is offering

Brexit: “Great moment of national change”

May’s plan contained little new information but offered a useful, comprehensive clarification of the government’s collective view

Credit market monthly review

A sterling July for credit; more to come after last week’s BoE meeting.

Brexit impact on UK asset markets

Financial markets have increasingly focused on the upcoming European Union referendum. Using exogenous probabilities from polls and financial spread-betting markets, we estimate the impact of...

RI annual review 2015

Undoubtedly, 2015 was the ‘Big Bang’ equivalent for Responsible Investment (RI).

Rates market monthly - Bear flattening in the US, bull flattening in Europe

A dovish Bank of England hike and a European Central Bank recalibration have bolstered a mildly positive picture for global bonds.

Credit market monthly review June 2017

It takes two to tantrum - credit reaction to rate volatility so far limited

Change of Bank of England view on interest rates

Monetary Policy Committee lines up fireworks in November