The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), agreed in September 2015, have caused a stir in the world of responsible investing. The 17 SDGs are part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development agreed upon by world leaders to mobilise efforts to end poverty, combat inequality in all its manifestations, and protect and preserve the natural environment, including combating climate change. 

AXA IM Benelux the Netherlands Branch has been a partner of the Prince Claus Fund for several years and has supported a number of initiatives, including the 'Call for Proposals: Cultural and artistic responses to environmental change'. We would like to highlight the great initiatives of the Prince Claus Fund on a monthly basis by presenting you the SDG of the month.

SDG of the Month July 2021:  Climate Action (SDG 13)

Every country in the world is experiencing the effects of climate change, emphasizing the universal need for climate action. 2017 Principal Prince Claus Laureate Ma Jun's work highlights some of the practices needed to tackle this global issue.

In 2006, a new media designer and environmentalist, empowering citizens to take action against industrial pollution, has set up the non-profit foundation Institute of Public and Enviornment Affairs (IPE) that collects and analyses official data on pollution. IPE aims to make it understandable and available to the general public, reaching a broad audience of consumers, corporations and government.

You can learn more about Ma Jun's work here: or watch Ma Jun's particpation in the China Platform's Private Briefing here.